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Sweet, you ended up here! Whether intentionally, under circumstances of force majeure, or plainly by chance I'll leave for you to decide. Since you are around I guess you might expect to learn a little more about the nature, spirit and particularities of the virtual identity on display. Sure. Fair enough. Here we go...


So who exactely are you dealing with? Admittedly, speaking in the broadest sense, I am actually still wondering myself. It's a question that keeps driving me for better or worse. I guess the answer really depends and is highly contextual as it might be compiled in any given constellation to say the least. But anyway, lets say I am a bug and I go by the name of bogo. I do stuff. Mostly visual. Like photography. Also some text about who-knows-what. Occationally some other stuff, you name it. I love travelling because it takes me to the surf. I like surfing because it initiates travel. I enjoy saltwater. However, usually I am landlocked, a fact which might explain a periodical degree of jocular weirdness. In order to frequently be able to remind me of my personal affectations I got involved with various documenting processes. Cameras came in quite handy. I like projects. The stuff I intend to capture, it's designated use, latent meaning structures and interpretive horizons often remain a mysterious puzzle in itself. Alchemical craftsmanship. Improvisational. Reflective. Experimental. Let's say that stuff should actually speak for itself. I am an ocean occultist drawn to the seven seas as a source of visual, philosophical and poetic wonderment. I am stunned by the aesthetics of nature, it’s uncontrollability, babaric vagueness and disorder. It undoubtedly puts me into place. Sometimes here sometimes there.

On the glide is a predominantly pictoral stream of consciousness, struggling to process an elusive flood of dizzying delights and visual stimuli. An arbitrarily sauntering surf and travelogue fed from a swivelling body of retrospectives. Incoherent memento. Stimulant stuff. Food for thought. Destined for you to enjoy.

bogo bug

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